Claudia Pascali

Claudia Pascali


Claudia is an Ecologist and Environmental Consultant, recently graduated with a first-class honours BSc in Wildlife Biology from Munster Technological University.

There, she spent her last year looking for gastrointestinal helminths (parasitic worms) in Pygmy Shrews, and honing her skills in ecology, GIS, habitat conservation management, and environmental law.

She joined the Flynn Furney team in 2022; since then she worked on a wide range of projects, including feasibility studies, hedgerow appraisal surveys and ecological assessments for greenways, as well as appropriate assessment screenings.

A brief stint working on the National Survey of Native Woodlands for NPWS allowed her to gain valuable field skills, and sparked a keen interest in woodland conservation, botany, and a particular curiosity for bryophytes.

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