Marco Ragusa

Marco Ragusa

BSc, MSc

Marco Ragusa holds an MSc in Applied Environmental Science from University College Dublin. His past research involved the effects of environmental stressors on freshwater Macroinvertebrate communities.

During his time with Flynn Furney, he has specialized in Habitat, Baseline and Mammal Surveys, in addition to working on Appropriate Assessment Screenings. His expertise extends to the use of GIS and Environmental Policy, of which he gained further knowledge while studying for his Master’s degree. Previous training during his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Biology included Bird surveys and Marine Invertebrate identification.

Marco is also an active member of the Italian Sailing Association (FIV), and has extensive experience in teaching and coaching water sports. Furthermore, he participated as a volunteer in a project for the conservation of Loggerhead Turtle nesting sites in Southern Italy.

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