County Kildare Hedgerow Surveys

Hedgerows are vitally important yet underappreciated ecological habitats and heritage features that are widespread in Ireland but are consistently under threat. Flynn Furney Environmental Consultants were chosen to carry out extensive hedgerow surveys around County Kildare on behalf of the Kildare County Council Heritage Office and The Heritage Council. Surveys were completed by the Flynn Furney team on 108 hedgerows across Kildare during the summer of 2022. This was a follow-up, comparative survey to the first county hedgerow surveys carried out in 2006. The Hedgerow Appraisal System (HAS) by Foulkes et al. (2012) was the methodology used to determine the condition of the hedgerows surveyed.

The aim of the study was to record information on the extent, species composition, structure, condition and management of hedgerows around Co. Kildare. By recording this valuable data, a more robust picture on the state and health of the county’s hedgerows could be formed. The 2022 survey results were analysed and compared with the original 2006 survey results. A detailed report was completed before being published online. A link to the 2022 report can be found here

Flynn Furney was delighted to undertake the 2022 hedgerow survey for Co. Kildare and to be a part of the effort to record, study and protect this very valuable network of habitats.

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