Ennis Flood Relief Scheme

The Ennis flood relief scheme was undertaken to protect numerous houses and businesses in Ennis, County Clare from flooding. The contractor on this project is Ward and Burke Ltd. Flynn Furney were employed as the ecologists and advised the contractor on ecological protection, enhancement and reinstatement. As the works initially entailed drain development, we developed methods of fish removal from drains, to enable works to be undertaken without harming fish. Fish species (including Stickleback and Eel) were translocated, under licence from Inland Fisheries Ireland to nearby suitable areas where they could prosper. Methodologies for various aspects of drain creation and sluice installation were developed and agreed with Inland Fisheries Ireland. Given the proximity of the works area to the River Fergus, we conducted Otter surveys of the riverside areas also. Due to the instability of the ground, >1.4km of sheet piling adjacent to the River Fergus was required to prevent flood risk and to prevent ground subsidence associated with works. The development of a large pipe system to direct water away from Ennis during a potential flood event was also undertaken. FFEC supervised the installation of this pipe through an area containing a large stand of Japanese Knotweed and developed a methodology and invasive species management plan for this. Works were supervised by Flynn Furney and regular inspections were undertaken during the project. As part of the project, 8,400 trees were planted along the sheet pile wall, encompassing Hawthorn Cretaegus monogyna, Wild cherry Prunus avium, Blackthorn Prunus spinosa, Hazel Corylus avellena and Spindle Euonymous europaeus. The development of a walking trail along the sheet pile wall has been proposed, that would offer excellent views of Clareabbey and the surrounding fields.

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