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Flynn Furney Environmental Consultants Ltd is made up of a team of highly qualified, experienced people with a passion for protecting the environment.
We pride ourselves on our friendly, approachable nature and grounded, practical approach to every project. 
We have varied backgrounds in the fields of ecology and environmental sciences, with a range of specialist skills, including the following:

Our Services

Appropriate Assessment (AA)

Appropriate Assessment (AA) Flynn Furney Environmental Consultants have extensive experience of undertaking AAs for a variety of projects. An Appropriate Assessment (AA) is required by ...
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Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)​

ECOLOGICAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT (EcIA)​ Flynn Furney Environmental Consultants have extensive experience of undertaking EcIAs for a variety of projects. Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) is a ...
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Biodiversity & Rewilding

BIODIVERSITY & REWILDING Biodiversity:For several years, Flynn Furney Environmental Consultants have been delighted to work on projects that will lead to enhancement of biodiversity at ...
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Ecological Surveys

ECOLOGICAL SURVEYS Across our team we have expertise over a range of habitat types and species groups. We have in-house capability for bird, fisheries and ...
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On-Site Ecology and Management Plans

On-Site Ecology & Management Plans Flynn Furney has extensive experience in providing ecological supervision for a range of construction projects, including drainage and sewerage schemes, ...
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Roads Flynn Furney Environmental Consultants have a lot of experience in the development of road infrastructure. Since incorporating in 2006, the company has worked on ...
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Greenways & Trails

Greenways & Trails It is unlikely that any other independently-owned consultancy has more Greenway experience than Flynn Furney Environmental Consultants. Since 2012 we have worked ...
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Tidy Towns

TIDY TOWNS Flynn Furney Environmental Consultants has a long history of working with Tidy Towns – the largest environmental project in Ireland. Billy Flynn has ...
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