Glenbeg to Eyeries, Co. Cork

This Irish Water led project involved the installation of new trunk main, together with associated assets between Glenbeg Reservoir and Eyeries, Co. Cork. Over the past number of years, a large number of bursts have occurred on the trunk, mainly due to the age of the pipeline. Users of this water supply framework are severely impacted upon by these bursts. Some of these bursts occur within the boggy areas leading from Glenbeg Reservoir down to the road (R571). Ground conditions are often unsuitable in this area which poses great difficulty in affecting any repairs, especially during the winter months.

Flynn Furney Environmental Consultants were commissioned by Ward and Burke to carry out a Stage 1 Appropriate Assessment Screening Report. This screening exercise was used to determine whether the proposed works had the potential to significantly impact upon the conservation objectives and overall integrity of any Natura 2000 sites. The main concern was identified as a colony of Pearl Mussel within the catchment downstream of the project. Part of the scheme passes through Glanmore Bog SAC. The report included an ecological assessment of the potential impacts of the proposed works on the ecology of the surrounding area, including all designated sites.

The screening determined that thoroughly tested construction methodologies developed and employed by Ward and Burke, using best practice, would not have a detrimental impact on the catchment. Flynn Furney Environmental Consultants Ltd were also asked to conduct an Invasive Alien Plant Species survey and report/management plan to ensure that the biosecurity of the area was maintained.

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