Biodiversity & Rewilding


For several years, Flynn Furney Environmental Consultants have been delighted to work on projects that will lead to enhancement of biodiversity at local or greater levels. These include projects that are specifically dedicated to the creation or expansion of valuable habitat types.  Flynn Furney has helped to design and create public biodiversity gardens, e.g. at Knocknagrave, Co. Monaghan and Clonakilty, Co. Cork. We have developed biodiversity action plans for numerous local groups and businesses, in addition to a large-scale plan for Shannon Airport Group. We are also very happy to have developed the new Biodiversity Action Plan for County Cavan, which is due to be published in 2024.


Rewilding, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), is the process of rebuilding, following major human disturbance, a natural ecosystem by restoring natural processes and the complete or near-complete food-web at all trophic levels as a self-sustaining and resilient ecosystem. At Flynn Furney, we fully support the concept and ideals of rewilding as set out by the IUCN.  We are very proud to be part of Ireland’s first science-led, non-governmental rewilding project at Castle Leslie, Glaslough, Co. Monaghan. At this beautiful, historical estate, Flynn Furney’s ecologists are working at the ‘ground floor’ of this ambitious rewilding project and establishing baseline data on plant, bird, mammal and invertebrate communities.

Shannon Airport Group Biodiversity Action Plan

Shannon Airport Group Biodiversity Action Plan In 2022, Shannon Airport Group commissioned a Biodiversity Action Plan which aimed to assess the entire airport and commercial ...
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Knocknagrave Environmental Education Centre & Biodiversity Garden

Knocknagrave Environmental Education Centre & Biodiversity Garden This new centre, complete with biodiversity garden, has been developed on the site of a former national school ...
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Clonakilty Biodiversity Garden

Clonakilty Biodiversity Garden Flynn Furney Environmental Consultants were approached by Clonakilty Tidy Towns Group, County Cork, to advise on ecological considerations for a proposed biodiversity ...
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Commons of Lloyd

Commons of Lloyd Flynn, Furney Environmental Consultants were commissioned by Meath County Council to create a grassland management plan for an area of amenity grassland ...
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Castle Leslie Rewilding Project

Castle Leslie Rewilding Project Castle Leslie Estate in Glaslough, north County Monaghan, is the setting for an ambitious rewilding project, which is the first of ...
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Lough Bracken

Lough Bracken, Co Meath Lough Bracken is a small lake in the north of Co. Meath. The lake is a locally popular for a range ...
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