Shannon Airport Group Biodiversity Action Plan In 2022, Shannon Airport Group commissioned a Biodiversity Action Plan which aimed to assess the entire airport and commercial property lands and identify areas where habitats could be created and enhanced. A team of ecologists from Flynn Furney Environmental Consultants developed the plan, liaising closely with the Sustainability Team […]

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Knocknagrave Environmental Education Centre & Biodiversity Garden This new centre, complete with biodiversity garden, has been developed on the site of a former national school in Knocknagrave, Co. Monaghan. It is the brain-child of the Tydavnet Group Water Scheme (GWS), who wanted to develop their offices in combination with an interpretive centre that would educate

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Clonakilty Biodiversity Garden Flynn Furney Environmental Consultants were approached by Clonakilty Tidy Towns Group, County Cork, to advise on ecological considerations for a proposed biodiversity garden for the area, at Bennett’s Mill Field. During an onsite meeting, the proposed site, Flynn Furney Environmental Consultants advised the group on the biodiversity value of existing stone walls,

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Commons of Lloyd Flynn, Furney Environmental Consultants were commissioned by Meath County Council to create a grassland management plan for an area of amenity grassland known as the Commons of Lloyd outside Kells, Co Meath. The area is approximately 5.5 hectares and has, in recent history been managed as pasture with year-round sheep grazing. Meath

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Castle Leslie Rewilding Project Castle Leslie Estate in Glaslough, north County Monaghan, is the setting for an ambitious rewilding project, which is the first of its kind in Ireland. Rewilding is a relatively new concept, with various projects happening across the world, including Yellowstone National Park in the USA and Knepp Castle in West Sussex,

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Lough Bracken, Co Meath Lough Bracken is a small lake in the north of Co. Meath. The lake is a locally popular for a range of amenity activities including fishing, walking, swimming and bird watching. The lake also acts as a water source for the local village of Drumconrath. Over the past two decades the

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